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We understand the intense pressure you are facing in Chemistry. Our tutors have a proven track record to help you gain Chemistry marks within 3 months

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Well-Structured Lessons And Notes That Even Your School Teachers Will Be Jealous Of!

In a typical school or junior college, notes for the various topics are usually prepared by a few teachers. This might make it difficult for students to see the connections across topics.

Tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore provide concise notes capturing the essence of each topic, and the content throughout the syllabus is cross-referenced.

Besides quality notes, you are given practice questions of varying levels of difficulty to scaffold your learning in order to build up mastery and confidence in each topic.

A series of assessments quizes would be given and reviewed prior to major examinations to prepare you well for your school, promotional, preliminary and national examinations.

The revision questions are carefully organized according to topics covered for each examination and most importantly, to expose you to the multiple possibilities of questions even within the same topic. 

The level of preparation that we put in place for our students would put them in good stead to handle the increasing demands of the O/A/IB Examinations, so that you can calmly excel in learning Chemistry, and gain valuable marks. 

Quickly, and consistently.

11,000 Experienced & Qualified Tutors Who Specialize In ONLY Chemistry

Choose from current/ex-MOE teachers, tutors with PhD/Master’s in Chemistry, graduated/undergraduate Chemistry tuition teachers.

They have between 2 to over 30 years of teaching/tutoring experience.

All of the tutors whose profiles we will show you have scored A for their own Chemistry exams. 

They also have proven track records of helping their students’ grades improve. Their teaching methods work.

Learning is a factual and emotional experience. Sometimes, we are overly focused on achieving the learning outcome (better grades, of course!) but not the methods that will get us there. 

We are confident that all students can score exceptional grades at Chemistry – our performance history proves it.

Once you have the right mentor – and you can choose from over 11,000 expert tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore – you will learn the correct methods to understand and apply the knowledge that you need in order to score 5 to 15 marks more, within 3 months. 

Students learn well only if they find meaning in what they are doing. 

We will show you that Chemistry can be interesting, and beneficial to your cumulative O Level and A Level grades.

Exam-Oriented Tuition. Revision, Clear Explanations, Practice How To Answer Application Questions

The new Chemistry  curriculum framework expects you to be able to appreciate the connections between the concepts in the core concepts of Matter, Structure and Properties, and Transformation, and to apply these to the study of different chemical systems when you answer your exam questions.

The MOE requires that the learning of Chemistry at O and A Level is based on a holistic approach. It is no longer via the traditional approach of classifying topics into Physical, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry. 

With this change in syllabus and exam requirement/emphasis, it is important that you are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills in handling higher order questions in examinations. 

Your tutor from Chemistry Tuition Singapore can compile topical questions of varying difficulty levels from schools’ preliminary examinations and past year O/A and IB examination papers with the aim of stretching your understanding of the core concepts, so that you are prepared and able to confidently and correctly answer the exam questions that give you the most marks. 

Tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore will help you have outstanding Chemistry exam results.

Since 2012, Chemistry Tuition Singapore Has Helped Students Achieve The Outstanding Results They Deserve. Now It's Your Turn!

The latest revised Chemistry syllabus is designed to place less emphasis on factual material – you are now required to pay more attention to the understanding and application of scientific concepts and principles. 

This approach has been adopted in recognition of the need for students to develop skills that will be of long term value in an increasingly rapidly changing and technological world – rather than focusing on large quantities of factual material which may have only short term relevance.

Tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore are familiar with the current syllabus and exam focus.

We can guide you in:
– Avoiding common and careless mistakes
– Having a clearer understanding of what is truly required when you answer difficult/”easy” questions
– Remembering and cross-referencing complicated content that is likely to be asked in school and national exams
– Accurately analyze what the exam question really wants you to do. This is important – if you read the question wrongly, the answer that you give will be wrong.

Learn Chemistry correctly and confidently.

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Great Track Records & Proven Results - 97.6% Of Our Students Achieved Higher Grades

Teaching Focused On You.

Score distinctions and better grades in Chemistry with experienced tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore.

Over 91% of our students achieve A or B for their GCE O Level or GCE A Level exams.

Dependable home tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore deliver steady increases in grades and mastery of the Chemistry syllabus.  

We know that answering skills are equally as important as being able to understand the concepts.

Private tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore teach trustworthy methods to interpret and answer the questions effectively and efficiently, given the time constraints in exam conditions.

We want you to enjoy learning, and to enjoy your Chemistry grades.

chemistry tuition singapore

Start your path to much better Chemistry grades today, because Chemistry Tuition Singapore has over 11,000 experienced and professional tutors to help you with your homework, projects, and exam answering techniques

We know how it is like to be stuck and needing help, while feeling ashamed or embarrassed to ask. 

Our Chemistry private tutors will resolve your Chemistry misconceptions/confusion. We will give clear explanations, so that you can understand, faster.

Academic success in Singapore is highly-prized and admired. 

Therefore, tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore have one clear and focused goal in mind – to help you regularly achieve 5 to 15 more marks within 3 months. 

Chemistry Tuition Singapore is here to provide expert and specialized tuition teachers so that you can ask questions that you could not in school. We can deliver consistently because we have the teaching experience and effective methods to help your grades improve.

Why Chemistry Tuition Singapore

Success At GCE O Level And A Level Chemistry

Learn crucial Chemistry answering techniques.

You may be worried about your ability to understand the complicated content that your teacher in school has been describing.

Here is a piece of good news! Committed private tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore have significant experience in clearing out difficult hurdles that their students had been facing.

Our ultimate goal is to shape up each of our students for admission to their desired local and global tertiary institutions.

We progressively prepare our secondary students through Sec 3 and 4 O Level Chemistry & JC1/JC2 A Level Chemistry, to secure the A grades required in examinations for access to the best universities and majors.

We know what works, and we will teach you how to master those exam and Chemistry skills.

Commitment To Improving Your Chemistry Grades

Have fun while declaring victory over challenging Chemistry content. 

Competent private tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore are thoroughly experienced in teaching the MOE academic syllabus and exam requirements. 

Since 2012, we have built Singapore’s largest and most qualified team of over 11,000 Chemistry tutors – who have excellent reviews and track records of helping their students’ grades improve.

We understand the macroscopic view of the syllabus as well as the tiny details required to excel.

Our end goal is simple: to help every student achieve their A. 

Soar in Chemistry with Chemistry Tuition Singapore!

The Secret To Scoring Much Higher Marks For Chemistry

A strong emphasis on helping students build a mindset that they are able to achieve gains of between 5 to 15 marks within 1 semester means that our lessons are focused on meeting the needs of the MOE syllabus, as well as on helping students see the immediate relevance of what they learn.

We want you to learn new ideas and perspectives in every Chemistry session.

Frequent practices, skill-based modules and content based on past and potential SEAB exam questions help you learn what’s needed for school, score higher marks, and enjoy learning Chemistry.

Your tutor from Chemistry Tuition Singapore will cover essential topics, methods, techniques and processes so you can handle the increasingly complex content and tasks throughout your preparation for the national exams.

chemistry tuition singapore

Professional home tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore are current/former MOE teachers, have PhD/Master’s in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, or are graduated/undergraduate tutors majoring in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering.

Choose from in-person/face-to-face lessons, or online lessons (to save on cost and travelling time without compromising teaching quality).

Our different tuition teachers have mastered the knowledge and skills needed to teach students with varied learning abilities, from the average/below-average to the high-ability/exceptionally talented ones.

They each have between 2 to over 30 years of teaching/tutoring experience.

Private tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore have the ability to make complex concepts easy to understand and relevant to your exams. This enables you to learn Chemistry more effectively (and less painfully). 

Experienced tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore are able to relate and link theory to practical applications and hence make learning more authentic and meaningful.

With our wealth of Chemistry teaching and tutoring experience. we have the proven abilities to work with you to achieve your academic and grade goals. 

You will gain the essential skill sets that are much needed in tackling increasingly challenging and difficult questions in the GCE O Level, GCE A Level, and International Baccalaureate exams.  

Many students whom we have mentored in science research projects have won awards in national level competitions. 

Gain entry into a good school and university of your choice. Let your good Chemistry grades help you.

We welcome students from all schools and junior colleges. 

Many of them were doing poorly in tests and feeling discouraged with their D, U or even F grades. 

With proper guidance from professional tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore, these students started to understand Chemistry better, and regain their confidence.

Personalized. Responsive. Approachable

If you have a hard time understanding and analysing Chemistry concepts and terms, we can help you!

Qualified tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore will tailor a structured and systematic way for you to study the latest MOE Chemistry curriculum, and to easily grasp Chemistry theories and solutions.

Learn powerful and proven techniques that simplify concepts and reduce the need to blindly memorize.

Create concise and potent notes that suit your own learning style and pace. Master essential exam skills. 

Watch your grades improve, starting today.

High Quality Tutors At Reasonable Prices

We motivate students to be confident, happy learners.

92.5% of our students improve at least 2 grades from the start of Secondary 3 to their O Level Chemistry exams, and 95.3% of our students’ grades improve at least 1 grade from the start of JC1 to their A Level Chemistry exams.

It is entirely possible to achieve your A for Chemistry without panic buying of stacks of assessment books – even if you have been scoring weak grades, had made careless mistakes, and have no interest/motivation (and have given up on Chemistry)!

We help foster and promote your curiosity for Chemistry knowledge, and to learn and master Chemistry knowledge in accordance to your GCE O and A Level syllabus and MOE exam criteria.

Dependable tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore create an engaging and compelling educational experience, so that you can look forward to better Chemistry grades.

chemistry tuition singapore

Every student is unique and they each have their own preferred way and pace of learning new and difficult content.

Once the home tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore are in sync with your learning needs, you will be proudly able to show your true capabilities.

We are proficient in the Singapore O Level and A Level Chemistry syllabus and examination question patterns.

Comprehensive Chemistry tuition lessons include a complete package for understanding chemistry concepts using the latest MOE syllabus and exam marking scheme. 

The notes that you will refer to during tuition are rigorous and would help you in any intensive preparation for Mid Years, Prelims, Practical and usual weighted assessments in class.

Practice And Revision To Broaden Your Ability To Apply Acquired Chemistry Content To Intimidating Exam Questions

chemistry tuition singapore

Crystal Clear Explanations That Simplify Confusing Concepts

Experienced and qualified tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore are very familiar with the newest Chemistry exam requirements. 

We understand how students struggle while learning Chemistry, and we will teach and impart knowledge through innovative and inspirational ways for you to learn Chemistry.

Tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore will identify and diagnose students’ misconceptions around complicated Chemistry questions, so that your weakest areas are addressed and corrected before you start your exams.

While O Level Chemistry focuses on factual content, A Level Chemistry concentrates more on interpreting and applying scientific concepts and principles.

Tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore specialize in teaching advanced techniques that enable you to build skills in a progressively complex syllabus rather than relying on memorizing large volumes of factual material.

Rote learning can only help so much at the GCE O and A Level exams, because the MOE wants students to be able to apply textbook content to real-life challenges and problems. 

Exam questions are therefore no longer solely based solely on what is taught in your textbooks. 

This also means that giving simple, unsophisticated answers are not enough if you want to pass or do well in Chemistry.

It is vital that you are able to analyze the question quickly and accurately, so that you can ascertain, evaluate correctly and efficiently before you start to answer the question

chemistry tuition singapore

Developing Core Competence In Deductive Skills

Chemistry teaches students how to develop hypotheses. This is a skill that is useful for research as well as when you are working in the corporate world. 

It also strengthens students’ analytical abilities and teaches them appropriate ways of constructing evidential and logical explanations. 

Your capable private tutor from Chemistry Tuition Singapore will help you hone your planning skills by applying what you have learned to perform experiments.

Deductive skills are the most precious qualities that students can acquire because they enable students to deeply appreciate Chemistry and to develop a keen and intuitive guide to hypothetical reasoning and making logical inferences.

Nurturing these competencies will help your long term development as a person with quick and accurate analytical skills who makes sound logical decisions while developing strong hypotheses and testing them.

Concrete Question Application And Data Handling

Chemistry is an important “Central Science” subject. 

The MOE syllabus requires students to understand core Chemistry topics across many disciplines: the diversity of the topics can range from moles in one part of the question, to redox, to energetics. 

Supplementary knowledge can include real-life scenarios like environmental problems and sustainable food production.

Some parts of the questions require students to demonstrate a sharp aptitude in data handling. 

Your skillful private tutor from Chemistry Tuition Singapore can cover fundamental concepts required in knowledge applications and deductions. 

You may also opt to hire an experienced home tutor – with a PhD or Master’s in Chemistry – who is qualified to teach in-depth study of advanced chemistry concepts.

chemistry tuition singapore

Lessons By Home Tutors From Chemistry Tuition Singapore

Since 2012, we have established and maintained our reputation as Singapore's biggest, most respected and popular tuition agency for dependable Chemistry tutors.

Committed tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore are able to help students achieve higher grades, understand complex content, improve their exam skills, and to be interested in Chemistry.

You Will Score Higher Marks In Chemistry:

  • You will grasp concepts better because you receive concise, structured and guided explanations of difficult concepts that are taught in school and are required by exams set by the SEAB
  • Tuition lessons are engaging and interesting, with the objective of building stronger scientific fundamentals. This enables you to memorize less, learn faster, and develop important logical thinking competencies
  • Your dedicated home tutor from Chemistry Tuition Singapore creates innovative lesson plans to help you cope with the rigour of school and national exams
  • We will teach you how to evaluate information and data-based questions
  • In order to do well in your Chemistry exams, you need to have savvy knowledge of all aspects of the Chemistry syllabus, while being able to apply these concepts when faced with novel, innovative and conceptual questions. We will help you refine your analytical skills, and to be prepared for the new challenges that are interspersed in the latest exam questions set by the SEAB
  • Your GCE O Level and A Level Chemistry exam will test various skills including planning, measurement and observation, presentation of results and data, and analysis. This causes more pressure for students, since they can no longer prepare for the paper in stages or rely solely on memorization. The key to doing well in the exam still remains the same: practice, practice and a lot more practice – with an expert mentor from Chemistry Tuition Singapore!

Reviews & Feedback From Students & Parents

St Margaret's Secondary

Serena Tan

To say that Mr Lim Siang Guan from Chemistry Tuition Singapore helped me with my grades would be too much of an understatement. Mr Lim has always been very lively and friendly. He is a patient, understanding and relatable teacher. I look forward to lessons with him as he is able to make Chemistry fun. Honestly, I was a little reluctant to start Chemistry tuition classes with Mr Lim because all my previous tuition classes were boring and a waste of time. However, Mr Lim proved me wrong when I saw how I managed to score 12 marks more than my previous exam, within 5 lessons with him. He establishes my understanding of concepts by ensuring that I am able to answer his questions before moving on, unlike some tuition teachers who want to impress parents by telling them that they can complete the syllabus before the school does. What I enjoy about Mr Lim’s lessons is his ability to help me learn by turning my mistakes into teachable moments. I scored A for Chemistry for my O Levels, and also for my A Levels.

NUS High School of Mathematics and Science

Louis Chong

Ms Rebecca Wu from Chemistry Tuition Singapore is one of the best tutors I have had throughout my school life. Her notes are succinct and easy to understand. She is able to predict the thoughts and common misunderstandings of students and correct them promptly, which I really appreciate. 

I can easily understand and remember the content of the notes that she prepared for me and her other Chemistry students. I started lessons with Ms Wu in Year 4, and she has helped me understand Chemistry more clearly than before, because of her methods to connect new information to old information.  

Ms Wu is hardworking and attentive, and encourages me to complete her homework so that she can revise my weaker areas whenever she is at my home. She promptly responds to my questions through Whatsapp as well. Because Ms Wu is so nurturing, I find it easy to ask questions so that I can learn more.  She also drafts up lessons plans to help me be much better prepared for exams, and we were able to revise effectively before the actual exam dates. I agree with my mum that we are so lucky to have found Ms Wu.

Queensway Secondary School

Azrin Abdullah

I started home tuition with Ms Karen Choo from Chemistry Tuition Singapore after I failed the mid-year exam in Sec 3.  From then onwards, I’ve seen consistent improvement in my Chemistry results, and I scored a B3 for my O Level Chemistry. This is thanks to Ms Karen’s dedication as a teacher, as she is always there to help even if it’s outside class time. Also, she makes it a point to make each lesson interesting whilst also ensuring that I leave the lessons having learnt (and remembered) something new. Her use of flowcharts/acronyms to drill fundamental concepts and the various exam tips she provided helped me to improve in Chemistry and become more confident in Chemistry, which is my weakest subject.

Dunman High School

Teo Fengsheng

Lessons were serious, and sometimes light-hearted.  Ms Esther Tan from Chemistry Tuition Singapore made difficult topics really easy to understand. It’s true! She spoke in simple English and explained the requirements of every chapter very clearly.

The topics we covered were interesting but I wouldn’t know about them if I had not attended her tuition lessons. She created materials that were “next level” — I learnt more than my friends were taught in school.

In school, the teachers would usually teach exam techniques when it’s close to the exam. People started to panic, but Ms Tan made me think and analyze the content during each class that I had with her, way before the exam period.  There’s structure to how I have to tackle the difficult tasks and this suits my learning style and grade objectives. I scored an A for my A Levels.

Maris Stella High School

Joshua Wong

Mr Tan How Yip has a PhD in Chemistry from NUS. He was my Chemistry home tuition teacher since Sec 3. Those first 2 years had been particularly phenomenal – Mr Tan had inspired and guided me in preparing solidly for the exams. He said that in order for me to find success in what I’m striving towards, I needed to first find joy in it. Mr Tan combines enriching Chemistry study material with passionate teaching. He motivates me each time I make a mistake or forgot content that he had previously taught me. Mr Tan is so knowledgeable, and helped me apply key information that I had great difficulty with. 

I am very competitive and I am really thankful that my parents contacted Chemistry Tuition Singapore, as this tuition agency is known to have a very big team of good Chemistry tutors with Master’s and PhD qualifications. I wanted a tutor who could teach me new things that extended my Chemistry capabilities beyond my peers. I was already scoring A’s for Chemistry and my other subjects. But I wanted to know how to answer the difficult questions too. 

Whether it was the intensive exam preparations or the thorough explanation of content that is taught for the O Levels (and A Levels), Mr Tan has supported my academic growth and allowed me to achieve my personal bests first at my O Levels, and then at my A Levels when I was a student at National Junior College.

Evergreen Secondary School

Sharmila Rasandran

I have always heard rave reviews from my sisters about private tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore. I was truly convinced only after I hired a tuition teacher for my daughter Sharmila. 

My sisters and I live in different parts of Singapore, so I was worried that Chemistry Tuition Singapore might not have a good tutor who teaches in the East. But as it turns out, they have a big team of quality tutors, and we were impressed by the tuition teacher profiles that they showed to us.

Ever since Sharmila started taking Chemistry lessons from Mr Rajiv Kashyap, she managed to at first gain 7 marks and then maintain her B’s and A’s for Chemistry right until her O Levels. She had an A2 for Chemistry, and took a chemistry-related course at the polytechnic. She will continue with this subject when she starts her undergraduate studies at NUS (she was accepted just last month). 

Mr Rajiv had compiled very thorough Chemistry notes which summarized  tricky topics and highlighted the important concepts that were likely to come up in the exams. Before tuition started, Sharmila was feeling very lost and defeated because she could not understand what the confusing questions really wanted her to do.  

I was also impressed by Mr Rajiv’s commitment to helping Sharmila score higher grades. I recommended him to my brother’s children, and they managed to do well for their own O and A Level Chemistry exams also. 

Nan Hua High School

Terry Chan

We chose a former MOE teacher from Chemistry Tuition Singapore to be Terry’s tuition teacher. Terry almost failed his Sec 3 exams and we were worried that he will do badly for his O Levels. 

Mr James Wong is very patient. He is also familiar with the latest MOE syllabus and marking schemes. Mr James wanted Terry to not just understand the content: he emphasized that Terry can gain marks only if he knows how to analyze and apply whatever Mr James taught him during the home tuition lessons. 

Terry felt rather stressed and frustrated whenever he had homework from school, and he relied a lot on Mr James to help him think through the issues. I think Terry put in more effort into Chemistry than he did for his other subjects because he felt confident that Mr James was teaching him all the right things in order for him to score good marks for his O Levels.

Terry scored A2, and we took Mr James out for a nice meal to thank him for all the hard work that he had put in to encourage Terry.

Tanjong Katong Girls’ School

Quek Yan Peng

My sessions with Ms Lee Yoke Huan from Chemistry Tuition Singapore turned out to be better than I expected. I don’t have the time nor the patience to sit through 90 minutes of boring Chemistry tuition lessons every week. There is so much homework that I need to complete for my other subjects, and I am also feeling tired whenever I come home from CCA. My mum assured me that Chemistry Tuition Singapore is aware of my annoyance with Chemistry classes that previously did not work out. So I agreed to let Ms Lee teach me. 

She is really good! And has this incredible sense of humour. I don’t feel upset whenever I fumble and give her the wrong answers. She said that she knows I am trying hard to get things right. 

Ms Lee taught me a few techniques to help me focus and to feel less tired and stressed. Two of those methods work really well for me, and I am still using them (I am doing my Master’s at NTU now).

It takes a dedicated tutor who is genuinely concerned about her student’s well-being to have turned around my interest in continuing to work on my Chemistry grades. If I had not met Ms Lee, my Chem grades for O and A Levels would have been C. Because of her, I scored A’s.

Temasek Secondary School

Lai Kah Seng

Many of my close friends in primary school managed to get into Victoria School, and I felt left out when I had to study in another school. My best friend Aaron told my mother that he had a very good Chemistry tutor and suggested that I should take lessons from him. Aaron wanted me to attend the same junior college as he and the rest of our friends, and I was very willing to study hard to get into Victoria Junior College.

Mr Timothy Gan from Chemistry Tuition Singapore was very friendly. He had been a chemistry tutor for many years and knew the problems that each of his weaker students were facing. And I was facing many, many challenges.

I opted to have lessons twice a week from Mr Gan, because Chemistry was the only subject where I had so much difficulty in getting an A. 

He tailored my learning plan, gave me relevant homework so that I could practice on the questions and concepts that are likely to appear in the O Levels. 

Mr Gan tirelessly and patiently helped me get past my weakest areas. He and Aaron both wanted me to study at Victoria Junior College.

After I scored straight A’s for my O Levels, I decided to take Chemistry at A Levels at VJC. And Mr Gan was my tutor again. Life’s good.

Woodgrove Secondary School

Nurul Azman

After I bought the text book for Chemistry, I felt really depressed. I could not understand almost everything. From January to March, I was very disorientated and puzzled during Chemistry classes in school. My classmates were able to understand, but there were many concepts that I just couldn’t get. I am glad I asked my mum to help me find a good Chemistry tuition teacher. Mr Dinesh from Chemistry Tuition Singapore is very helpful. He is energetic and passionate about Chemistry. He knows what are the common mistakes that students make when they have not understood the concepts correctly. He patiently explained how I can memorize and also apply better.

Jurong Pioneer Junior College

Nachi Ramu

I was generally doing OK for Chemistry, and scored B3 for my O Levels. The syllabus is a lot more difficult now that I am in JC and I don’t want to fall behind my classmates. Ms Teo’s lesson materials are good – they are relevant, have a clear structure and highlight key areas of focus. More importantly, I found her worksheets especially useful when I was doing my revision. Ms Teo is very dedicated and hardworking. Throughout her tuition lessons, she helped me work on my weaknesses, and taught me effective exam techniques that really helped me to better understand the topics that were tested. Thanks Chemistry Tuition Singapore, for introducing Ms Teo to me.

Nanyang Girls’ High School Integrated Programme

Valerie Chong

My science subjects are usually very good. There was however one test where I couldn’t answer some questions that my classmates could and I was quite shocked that I did not score my usual A for that paper. Mr Ong from Chemistry Tuition Singapore has a PhD in Chemistry (Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering), and he is very familiar with the Integrated Programme syllabus and requirements. I have been scoring my A’s again for Chemistry. Our tuition lessons are full of discussions of topics that are not covered in school. This helps me get the big picture, as well as zoom in on the micro details. I am grateful to Mr Ong for this positive transformation. Thank you once again for all the efforts!

Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Ryan Lai

I started Chemistry tuition with Sebastian from Chemistry Tuition Singapore, since Sec 3. I need to get into a science major at university, and I want to be accepted by a good university. I have rarely scored less than A2 all these years. My O Level and A Level Chemistry grades were A’s. Sebastian is very professional and committed to help me achieve very good grades. He is always on the lookout for important concepts that I should be completely familiar with, summarizes the crucial questions and answers so that it is easier for me to understand and revise. He has been very sincere in ensuring that I do well in every test and exam. I highly recommend Sebastian to any secondary school or junior college student who needs help in Chemistry.

Nanyang Girls’ High School

Lee Kin Chong

I started tuition with Michelle at the end of last year, after practically failing the whole year with another tutor. With Michelle’s constant encouragement and passion for teaching and for Chemistry, I was able to get an A for my A Levels. Michelle is very resourceful, and her notes are very detailed. This made revising so much easier and faster.

Tampines Meridian Junior College

Jessica Sim

Chemistry was my weakest subject in Sec 3. Teacher Alice’s favourite subject when she was in school was Chemistry. She taught me step by step how I could connect all the information so that I could remember and apply better. I managed to get an A for Chemistry at O Levels, and also for my A Levels. I highly recommend Teacher Alice from Chemistry Tuition Singapore for any student who is struggling with Chemistry. Her positive energy and encouragement made all the difference whenever I was having a bad day with Chemistry.

Yishun Innova Junior College

James CY Ong

Chemistry was always my strongest subject in secondary school and also in junior college. I wanted to make sure that getting an A for Chemistry for my O Levels and A Levels was a sure-win. My cousin was having tuition with Mr Ang from Chemistry Tuition Singapore, and told me that he is very good. True enough, I learnt advanced concepts from him, stuff that was not covered in my school (but was taught in the other “better” junior colleges). I wanted to be sure that I could easily answer difficult questions at the national exams. I am now in Year 3 at NUS, doing my Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering.

Chua Chu Kang Secondary School

Selina Quek

I really enjoyed Mr Stephen’s lessons. I failed Chemistry in Sec 3 mid-terms, and decided I need to put in more effort once I managed to hire a good private tutor from Chemistry Tuition Singapore. He is funny and teaches the difficult content in a way that I can understand. He gives me homework and whenever I cannot handle the questions, he will patiently explain to me. 

Jurong West Secondary School

Lionel Lim

My classmates and I were having difficulty in Chemistry. Our Sec 3 Chemistry teacher was OK, but this teacher in Sec 4 is not explaining in a way that we can understand. I am taking Chemistry tuition from Mr Gan from Chemistry Tuition Singapore. He is an ex-MOE teacher. He is really very good. His lessons were fun, entertaining, and helped me look at Chemistry without feeling completely stressed out. If you wish to excel in Chemistry and have some fun while doing it, Mr Gan’s lessons are perfect for you.

Edgefield Secondary School

Saravanan W. Palaniveloo

I was having serious problems with Chemistry, and was so relieved to have found Walter from Chemistry Tuition Singapore. He’s patient, friendly, and goes the extra mile. At every lesson, he spends time to answer my questions until he is sure that I can really understand – especially whenever I have exams coming up. I have never met such a committed tuition teacher before. He takes great pride whenever I have conquered a difficult chapter. As a result, my grades went from D7 to B3 for my O Levels. Very good tutor, highly recommended! 

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School

Chua Shiyan

Mr Lim’s Chemistry lessons usually start with a summary of the important content that I must be aware of when answering questions covered in that day’s lesson. He will explain why these key things are important, and then he will elaborate very clearly how I can go about answering the question. He wants me to think through the issues carefully  and “pretends” to be shocked when I forgot the things he taught me. Lessons are comfortable because he knows I am trying hard. He encourages me to answer the difficult questions so that my understanding can be stretched. Mr Lim really motivated and challenged me. I scored A for my A Levels. Thanks Mr Lim and Chemistry Tuition Singapore!

Raffles Girls’ School Integrated Programme

Chin Sue Anne

I know that some people say that a B in our school is equivalent to an A in another school. I am not sure about this. All I know is that I was planning to study medicine and I MUST get straight A’s for my A Levels. So, lots of intensive learning, practice,  revising, going through difficult questions, and making sure that I did not make careless mistakes. Ms Cecilia from Chemistry Tuition Singapore has been great. She can be very strict when she senses that I am distracted. That brings me back to reality. I got my A for my A Levels, and am now a Year 2 student at NUS Medicine.

National Junior College

Nurul Tajri

My brother is very good at Chemistry. He was having tuition with Mr Azmi from Chemistry Tuition Singapore, and my parents felt that it is safer for me to also have lessons, to ensure that I do well for Chemistry for my A Levels. I have not scored below an A since tuition started. Thanks, Mr Azmi!

Victoria Junior College

Wan Teng Teo

Thank you for teaching me Chemistry, Mr Cheong. You are one of the most inspiring teachers or people I have ever met.  You taught me to look beyond the MOE syllabus, and to develop myself holistically as well. You have helped me so much in answering tough Chemistry questions. 

Despite the times when I sometimes felt down after getting worse than expected results, you encouraged me to stand back up, to get back on my feet and to face my next battle. You gave me so many valuable insights on how to manage my emotions whenever I read a question that I have difficulty in answering. And you emphasized the importance of being very well-prepared before I get into the exam venue.  

I’m very grateful for how much you have helped me, and to Chemistry Tuition Singapore for showing your profile to my parents.  I don’t know where I would be if you had not been my Chemistry tuition teacher. 

Bendemeer Secondary School

Andre Tan

I really enjoyed the lessons! Mr Poh from Chemistry Tuition Singapore shares tips and tricks on approaching questions. He also debunks common misunderstanding/misinterpretations of questions and concepts. It really helped in my revision!

Canberra Secondary School

Nelson Tng

Thanks to Mr Chua from Chemistry Tuition Singapore, I got a C for my O Level Chem, which I’m quite happy with as I have never gotten above a D before 🙂 Thank you for all the help for Chem and I’m very grateful that I managed to jump from E to C in a few months (especially since we started tuition only a few months before the O Levels). Mr Chua’s explanations are clear and easy to understand and the extra materials he gave me were really useful as well. The Chem revision notes made it a lot easier for me to memorise everything! Thank you!

Clementi Town Secondary School

Tina Jacob

Mr. Tan’s condensed chemistry notes and detailed explanations helped me see the links between chapters and achieve a better overall understanding of the entire syllabus. His meticulous efforts helped my grades go from consistent C and D to consistent B’s. Truly a very committed, professional and helpful tutor. Thanks Mr Tan and Chemistry Tuition Singapore.

Springfield Secondary School

Narkees Sirajideen

For most of my Sec 3 year, I was preoccupied with trying to make the best of my school experience in non-academic aspects like doing well in CCA.  I became very busy and could barely keep up with the pace of Chemistry lessons and homework from school. This resulted me in almost failing Chem in Sec 3.  I panicked and my dad immediately began to search for a good Chem home tutor. His colleague told him that the best Chemistry tutors could be found at Chemistry Tuition Singapore, and that both his sons had tutors from this specialized private tuition agency. After looking at 4 Chemistry tutor profiles shown to us by Chemistry Tuition Singapore, we chose Ms Endra. She has been very approachable and able to answer whatever questions I had to ask. This really helped me clarify my doubts and deepen my understanding of Chemistry and its basic concepts. She never hesitated to teach some extra stuff which helped to enhance my understanding of the topic.  Ms Endra has been very accommodating to my learning needs, exam schedule and CCA hours. Without Ms Endra, I am certain my B for O Levels Chemistry would have been much more difficult to achieve. 

Raffles Institution Integrated Programme

Kathik Jeyabalen

I still remember my first lesson: a crash course on Chemical Kinetics. As I’ve never taken tuition before, I was really very worried: would this be a waste of time and money? What if I still don’t understand anything? Most of all, my pride couldn’t accept the fact that I needed tuition just to do well for A levels. However, I was blown away by the ease in that one first lesson in which Ms Chan helped me to understand how the question is correctly answered, link topics together and remember things. I think it’s safe to say that if Ms Chan lectured in a school, no one would be skipping lectures ever again. Concepts which eluded me for more than a year were competently clarified. For anyone who thinks that tuition is just a second school lecture to refresh our memories and thousands of drill questions, maybe they are right, but that is definitely not Ms Chan’s lessons. She has redefined the idea of tuition for me.

It is inspiring to witness the joy with which you teach your students, and how you add in very funny jokes. The small gestures you do like asking me “How’s today been?” will not be forgotten. With that, thank you so much, Ms Chan. I’d definitely recommend you and Chemistry Tuition Singapore to anyone reading this!

St Patrick’s School

Yeow Tze Khiam

I was taking your lessons for half a year and I can assure you, the impact you have made in my life was tremendous. I first joined your class just to accompany a friend (we wanted to buy bubble tea after your lesson), with no intention of taking tuition for myself mostly because I’m not someone that likes to have tuition. But I was so surprised after being an observer during that lesson as your teaching style was exactly what I needed. If you taught in a secondary school, I’m sure you’d be the top teacher. I know you are one of the more popular tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore.

As for the impact on us students (my friend and me), you give us hope! We all have dreams, and mine is to become a pharmacist. To achieve that dream, I needed straight A’s and if not for your help, I would not have been able to even fathom that possibility. You’ve changed our lives and if we are fortunate enough to succeed in our future endeavours, we have you to thank for supporting us in our journey. If we happen to cross paths again in the future, I’d be delighted to have a chat or coffee. Thank you again Mr Tommy, for everything and I wish you all the best for everything.

Singapore Chinese Girls’ School

Verene Lee

A very dedicated teacher indeed! 🙂 Helpful and extremely knowledgeable, Ms Melissa’s worksheets and tutorials never fail to challenge me and activate my interest in the subject. It is of no doubt that Ms Melissa can be counted on to help achieve the grades you want – because she explains concepts in an understandable yet precise way, without missing out on any important details. I can see how much effort she puts into teaching me, and making sure that I really do understand. My mum and I are so glad that she approached Chemistry Tuition Singapore to find a good Chemistry tuition teacher for me.

St Andrew’s Secondary School

Tyronne Toh

The tutor from Chemistry Tuition Singapore is very experienced. Mr Ibrahim takes the time to explain concepts that students often overlook. He goes deeper into the logic of some difficult content, so that I am able to link the information to the other things that he had already taught me previously. If you truly want to improve your grades and understand Chem in a whole new way, engaging Mr Ibrahim is a must.

Eunoia Junior College

Zhi Hui Ong

Mr Sng from Chemistry Tuition Singapore is an enthusiastic tutor who is passionate about Chemistry. He tries his best to answer doubts/queries even outside of class. He is also very aware of his students’ weaknesses and strengths, and he alters his teaching style to suit their needs.

Hwa Chong Institution

Yeo Shyh Yeong

Miss Sherlyn from Chemistry Tuition Singapore is a very patient and caring Chemistry tuition teacher who makes sure that I understand the concept before moving on. She will also test me using similar questions of the same concept to check my ability to apply and adapt the information that I just learnt. My stress levels always fall whenever I’m attending her class. The well-organised, systematic lesson is at a deliberate pace and is easy to follow. I am never afraid to ask questions as she is nice and understanding. During class she will ensure that short breaks are given which makes me feel more refreshed. Her classes are enjoyable all the time.

Edgefield Secondary School

Kelly Kwang

Mr Ho, you are the best tutor ever. You teach very well, and write wonderful, detailed notes. Among my friends, my Chemistry marks were always the lowest. I really dreaded each time I handed in my homework, did projects or answered exam questions because I know that the results show that I cannot understand Chemistry at all.  You helped me focus on the requirements of the exam questions, and are always very responsive and friendly. Your patience and clear answers really helped each time I had doubts to clear. I am really touched and impressed by your dedication and vast knowledge. I genuinely feel that I am extremely lucky to be learning from a dedicated Chemistry tutor like you.

I’m really glad that I’m given this opportunity to express my gratitude for you and to Chemistry Tuition Singapore. I hope that this can motivate you when you’re tired. Lastly, here’s wishing you the best of luck for the next few lucky batches that you teach, I’m sure you’ll continue to inspire!

Loyang View Secondary School

Jia Lin Loh

Mr Teo from Chemistry Tuition Singapore is a capable teacher who is able to teach students based on their potential and constantly tries to help them improve in their answering techniques. The skills he has taught has also helped me to absorb information more efficiently. Mr Teo is friendly, patient and knows the syllabus and exam format very well. Whenever I accidentally gave the wrong answers, he is understanding and has encouraged me when I am feeling sad about my Chemistry grades.

Nan Hua High School

Evelyn Kuan

Hi Ms Ho! I’m really glad that I decided to join your tuition when I started Sec 3. You have no idea how much you have helped me beyond just having higher marks. My grade for Chemistry has improved from 40+ to be consistently above 60 and a lot of credit goes to you. Apart from that, I really enjoyed your lessons, seeing how much effort you have put into each session, trying to keep me interested in Chemistry with your interesting stories and analogies. I really hope I will be able to do you proud for A Levels, now that I am in Temasek Junior College. Keep up with everything that you’re doing, you’re doing a really great job! My friends take tuition from you as well, after recommendations from Chemistry Tuition Singapore and me. We really look up to you and enjoy your tuition lessons. It’s rare that students like tuition.

National Junior College

Chong En Han

I started tuition with Ms Michelle from Chemistry Tuition Singapore in mid-JC 1 after CT 1. At that time, I was already struggling even though I was generally doing OK in secondary school. With teachers telling us things were only going to get tougher, I decided to seek help and today I’m so glad that we found Ms Michelle. Engaging, intelligent and most of all, giving very clear and relevant answers, Ms Michelle could quickly help me clarify any doubts I had regarding advanced concepts. Post CT 1 topics were also taught with emphasis on fundamental understanding, helping me nail my A in promos.

In JC 2, my biggest fear was Organic Chemistry after seeing the sheer scope that was to be covered. However, Ms Michelle made it incredibly easy to understand and through her help, my biggest fear probably is my biggest source of confidence today. Her lessons are so fun and interesting that I found myself looking forward to her tuition sessions.

I managed to get an A grade in my A level examination and what I can say for certain is without Ms Michelle’s help, I would be far off from where I am today in terms of knowledge and appreciation of Chemistry. Thank you Ms Michelle!

St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School

Yongmei Wang

What can I say about Mr Darrell from Chemistry Tuition Singapore? He is certainly the best tutor. My friends and I very glad that he is guiding us through the difficult stuff. Without him, we would have zero confidence and would definitely fail horribly in our O Levels. His lessons are enjoyable. He made me appreciate the subject and provided me with the motivation to burn the midnight oil to make up for the laziness in Sec 3. Yes, the final lap of the O Level preparation is the toughest, but with Mr Darrell around, you can count on him to make sure that you know Every Blade Of Grass, inside out!!!

Any regrets? Yes! That I did not start lessons with him right from January in Sec 3!

St Patrick’s School

Teo Zhi Wei

I started tuition with Mr Wong from Chemistry Tuition Singapore at the beginning of Sec 4, after doing quite badly in Sec 3. With Mr Wong’s regular encouragement and obvious passion for teaching Chemistry, I was able to get a B3 for prelims and eventually an A for O Levels. Mr Wong is very helpful and his notes are very precise and detailed. This makes revising so much easier.

Singapore Chinese Girls’ School

Natalie Goh

Most of my classmates have been scoring B’s or A, and I was able to manage was a weak C. Mr Sng from Chemistry Tuition Singapore is a former MOE teacher at a good school. He is just amazing. He could immediately identify the reasons why I was having difficulty in answering the questions correctly. Then, he taught me how to best answer and apply whatever he had been teaching me. His exam strategies are superb, and work so well. I was so happy when I scored my first ever A for Chem. And I scored an A for my O Levels. 

St Hilda’s Secondary School

Fazila Banu

I was doing OK for Physics, but was struggling so badly for Chemistry. Mr Ashish from Chemistry Tuition Singapore understood how unhappy I felt about taking Chemistry. He was cheerful during every tuition lesson and was very good at helping me want to continue with the syllabus. I went from D to B within 6 months, and scored A2 for Chemistry for my O Levels. Mr Ashish is now teaching my brother, and his grades and mood are also improving, just like mine were.

NUS High School of Mathematics and Science

Jesslyn Seah

I was scoring A’s in all my subjects except for Chem. There was a 50-50 chance that I would score a B for my A Levels. Mr Chan from Chemistry Tuition has a PhD from NUS in Chemistry. He is very familiar with the syllabus and requirements of an IP school. I am so glad that we managed to find him. I scored comfortable A’s after he started teaching me.

Why Chemistry Tuition Singapore

How We Do It

Professional tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore have between 2 to over 30 years of Chemistry home tutoring experience. We are very familiar with the skills you need to develop, in order for you to master the content and decisively score higher marks

Dependable tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore are thoroughly familiar with the newest MOE syllabus and SEAB exam requirements.

With a wealth of experience coupled with updated compendium on how to tackle the difficult and challenging exam questions, we are well armed to help you connect the dots between different chemical concepts from Redox to acids and energetics. This is an essential skill to help our students cope with the rigor of the GCE O Level and GCE A Level Chemistry exam.

Students have scored higher marks through the diligent and sincere efforts of hardworking home tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore. This is testament why we are one of the premier Chemistry tuition agencies that are able to effectively help our students to excel at Chemistry. Another reason why our students love us is because our tutors conduct interesting lessons that propel students to achieving their desired results. Home tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore deliver consistently, because in a highly competitive world, we are anchored to the goal of academic excellence and success.

Chemistry Tuition Singapore is committed to provide excellent Chemistry tuition to help you to enjoy Chemistry and to achieve stellar results

Private tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore deliver superior results through engaging lesson plans, encouragement, and consistent practice/homework, to ensure that your learning is on the correct track toward much better grades.

Our skilled tuition teachers are proficient in explaining demanding and tricky concepts.

Achieve clarity, and understand your Chemistry curriculum more effectively. Starting today.


Experienced and qualified tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore have helped our students in their Chemistry O Level and A Level exams, and inspired them to impressive results. 

Improve your level of understanding in science with our innovative teaching methods, thorough knowledge of Chemistry, and effective lesson plans this semester!

We focus on teaching students to thrive at their school and national exams, and to be independent learners. Experienced tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore understand how to motive and help students feel energized and determined to persistently revise, train, and acquire new knowledge

As a Chemistry tuition agency that cares, we have responsible tutors who introduce Chemistry not only as a subject or a science to students but also to see the beneficial and engaging aspects of Chemistry through interesting experiments and lesson plans. 

Our Chemistry tuition notes and exam materials are curated from past O Level and A Level examinations questions. Practice sessions with you are structured with skill-based learning in mind, to help students with all types of academic aptitudes, from a beginner stage of understanding to an advanced level. Chemistry Tuition Singapore wants each of our students to acquire new Chemistry knowledge successfully and efficaciously.

We have helped students acquire Chemistry knowledge in a structured and supportive environment. Reliable tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore strive to make it a point where students do not feel afraid to ask questions and that they readily have access to our tutors in order to have their questions answered speedily and correctly.

We understand the rigor of the academic system in Singapore and our straightforward goal is to help our students with their placements in university and tertiary education choices through a solid Sec 3, Sec 4, JC 1 and JC2 Chemistry program.

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Tutors from Chemistry Tuition Singapore enthusiastically aim for academic excellence. This is what keeps us driven!

chemistry tuition singapore


 Chemistry is also known as the Central Science. 
Being the Central Science, students are required to have also have knowledge of both Physics and Biology. 
Chemistry can be subdivided into three main branches – namely: Physical (mathematical), Inorganic (factual), and Organic (conceptual) Chemistry. 
The revised MOE syllabus and SEAB exam formats emphasize inquiry-based learning. Examination questions now require students to be able to integrate and apply knowledge from these three Chemistry branches.
Hence, learning Chemistry from the new syllabus requires a totally different skill set and strategy that differs greatly from previous revisions of the Chemistry syllabus at O Levels and A Levels, where drill and practice may still work for many students. 
This is also one of the reasons why you would often hear students complain about how badly they have scored for their assessments in upper secondary and JC exams.
The latest MOE syllabus requires deeper understanding of concepts, and a stronger ability to apply what they have learnt into novel situations.
Students would not be able to do well in Chemistry (or any of the MOE subjects) if they rely solely on memorising or drill and practice. 
For example, in the area of acids and bases, students are able to understand the concept from the Bronsted-Lowry theory where inorganic acids and bases such as hydrochloric acid (HCl) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) are proton donors and acceptors respectively. 
However, it progressively gets more difficult. The concepts of acids and bases can even be extended to organic chemistry in the form of Lewis acids (electron pair acceptor) and bases (electron pair donor) where it can involve no proton (H+) transfer.

Organic Chemistry poses a great challenge to many students as there are so many reagents to remember for all the different reactions. 

Students who rely purely on memorising would soon realise that they would be overwhelmed due to information overload as well as confusion over linkages of crucial information. 

Nevertheless, Organic Chemistry is about the study on the chemistry of carbon where the reactivities revolve just around the carbon attached to a particular functional (reactive) group. 

Those carbons are either electron rich or electron poor and hence attract electrophiles (electron loving species) or nucleophiles (nucleus/positive centre loving species). 

In chemical bonding, it is about “opposite” attracts. Therefore, reactions involving electrophiles and nucleophiles are an extension to the concept of acid-base. 

Besides the concept of acid-base (non-redox) which is widely applied to the study of organic mechanisms (electrophilic and nucleophilic reactions), the remaining part of organic chemistry involves redox (reduction and oxidation reactions).

Physical Chemistry is an integral part of all chemical reactions and can only be mastered with a thorough understanding of underlying concepts. 

Topics such as Electrochemistry are areas where students often find confusing to remember the polarity of the anode and cathode and also the direction of electron flow in the circuit. 

Even though the study of electrochemistry has been covered by the school teacher, most students still have difficulties when it comes to differentiating an electrolytic cell (using electrical energy to drive chemical reaction) from a galvanic cell (using chemical reaction to produce electrical energy). 

As in all subjects, students must have the concrete understanding of the fact that oxidation (loss of electrons) always occur at the anode and reduction (gain of electrons) always occur at the cathode regardless of the types of cells involved.

Because of this fundamental concept, the direction of electron flow must always be from the anode to the cathode. 

However, the polarity/signs for the anode and cathode depends on the types of cells involved. 

For instance, in galvanic cell (spontaneous reaction to produce electrical energy), the anode is negative and cathode is positive simply because the electron flow from anode to cathode is spontaneous (electrons being negatively charged naturally loves to be attracted a positive cathode!). 

However, in an electrolytic cell (non-spontaneous reaction using electrical energy), the anode is positive and cathode is negative. Since the reaction is non-spontaneous, a battery is needed to “pull” negatively charged electrons over to the negative cathode for reduction to take place!

Finally, students are often concerned about the vast number of chemical equations in the study of Periodic Table (which forms the branch of Inorganic Chemistry).

The study of Periodic Table is often under-emphasised in most JCs and it is often not uncommon for some schools to leave this topic for students to do self-study.

Frequently, students are not aware that all chemical reactions revolve around either redox or non-redox reactions. For example, reactions of Period 3 oxides with water involve the concept of acid-base (non-redox) reactions. 

Metal oxides (ionic) such as sodium (Na2O) and magnesium (MgO) produce alkali solutions such as sodium and magnesium hydroxides while non-metal oxides (covalent) such as phosphorus (P4O10) and sulfur (SO3) oxides produce acidic solution such as phosphoric acid (H3PO4) and sulfuric acid (H2SO4). 

An understanding of the fact that acid-base reactions are non-redox would help students identify the products formed as there is no change in the oxidation number of the main element involved, e.g. oxidation number of phosphorus remains unchanged at +5 in both P4O10 and H3PO4.

To summarize, it is indeed not an easy task to have competency and mastery of Chemistry without first understanding the fundamental concepts in each topic as well as how some of these complex concepts are inter-related.

With good guidance and support from professional educators from Chemistry Tuition Singapore who are able to break down a complicated problem into simpler parts, achieving an “A” grade in Chemistry is always very possible.